Afghan Telemedicine

Medical help that overcomes geographic, ethnic and religious borders 



With small specialised clinics and an ongoing knowledge transfer, we are helping to enhance the medical care of the people of Afghanistan. Around 150 medical specialists from Europe and the USA are supporting us.



Afghan-German Doctors Association

The project Afghan Telemedicine was founded by the Afghan-German Doctors Association in Weimar. Since 2004, ADAV-Weimar supports the development of a medical infrastructure in Afghanistan.

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Support us with your knowledge

As a medical consultant you are an active part of the system. Your consultations will have a direct impact on improving the health of people in Afghanistan. 


Knowledge transfer

On-Site Trainings

Since 2005 there is an annual symposium in Kabul. Every year there are more than 100 participants. The symposium is followed by two training units. Thus, we manage to reach at least 60 doctors and many nurses, MTAs and lab assistants.

We are also supporting Afghan Doctors with training placements in German clinics. For the preparation of these, the Goethe-Institut in Kabul offers language classes for assistant doctors in cooperation with ADAV-Weimar.